USB Capture DVI Plus


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USB 3.0 DONGLE, 1-channel DVI / HDMI / VGA / YPbPr plus extra audio mic in / out. Plug and Play. Win/Linux/Mac. 3-year warranty.

Input Interface:

DVI x1

Support input resolution up to 2048x2160 pixels


Audio Input Interface:

3.5mm audio jack for line in


Audio Output Interface:

3.5mm audio jack for line out


Host Interface:

USB 3.0


Video Engine:

8-bit video processing



Color Adjustment

Color Space Conversion

Up/down Conversion

Aspect Ratio Conversion

Mirror and Flip


Signal Detection & Support:

Auto Detection of Input Signal Format



Software Environment:

OS - Windows, Linux, Mac, Chrome OS

Driver and Firmware- Driver Free, Updatable Firmware

Included Software - USB Capture Utility, Capture Express