ClearCaster - Micro

The ClearCaster Micro is a portable live streaming encoder packed with features. Ideal for live event producers in the field, the all-in-one Micro provides a reliable, cost-efficient way to stream broadcast-quality video to any destination.


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Revolutionizing Cloud Control
The ClearCasterTM Micro is a portable live encoding solution 
packed with professional features. Ideal for live event producers in the field, the all-in-one Micro provides a reliable, cost-ecient way to stream broadcast-quality video to any destination.

What is Wowza Cloud Orchestration?
Cloud-based control of your entire encoding fleet — from anywhere in the world.

Designed with a cloud-first approach and back-end management, Wowza Cloud Orchestration allows you to take complete control of your entire encoder fleet from anywhere in the world. Prebuilt using proven Wowza technology, Wowza Cloud Orchestration simplifies the most difficult parts of the encoding workflow — saving you time and lowering overhead costs. With Wowza Cloud Orchestration, you can easily manage thousands of streams with a scalable API, or build your own architecture on top of our cloud-optimized back-end infrastructure.

Key Features:
- User Management
- Closed Captions
- Titling and Graphics
- Multi-Target/Output
- Cloud Storage
- Made for Grab and Go

- Controlled by Wowza Cloud Orchestration
- Camera-to-Cloud Encoding
- Small & Portable

A/V Inputs:
Physical: 1 x 3G-SDI/HDSDI BNC input, 1 x 3G-SDI/HDSDI BNC loop through, IP 1 x MPEG-TS(UDP, SRT); RTSP; RTMP, HLS via pull only

Input Resolutions & Frame Rates:
Maximum Raster HD1080p60; de-interlacing support up to 1080P59.94; up to 1080i/P60 (lower frame rates, resolutions support); scaling support.

Codec Support:
Video Inputs: H.264; via IP input H.265, MPEG-2 support

Video Outputs: H.264; H.265
Audio Inputs: Embedded audio, Via IP input AAC, AC-3 (Dolby Digital), MPEG-1 layer 2, MP3 support
Audio Output: AAC

Embedded CEA-608/708 closed captions.

Output Resolutions:
Up to 1080p60; Encode up to 1 x 1080p + 1 x 720p rendition

Support for high frame rates at lower resolutions
Controllable aspect rations and frame rate; all outputs support multiple targets

Output Formats:
RTMP/RTMPS; MPEG-TS (unicast, multicast); RTSP/RTMP/SRT

Fragmented MP4; record multiple outputs; store on appliance and in cloud

1 GB Ethernet; DHCP support; manual network configurable

System Control:
Cloud-based browser control and template management

Centralized API (GraphQL); user management

Micro PC, dimensions 6.9 x 6.9 x 1.34 inch (175 x 175 x 34 mm) 1.040 L

External 12V PSU Dimensions: 2.68 x 2.68 x 1.18 inches 6.8 x 6.8 x 3 cm
Weight 2.62 lbs / 1.19 kg