Financial Options

Credit Terms Accounts

All of our Partners are afforded the same credit options in order to leverage their business.  Upon completion of a Credit Application, a Monthly Credit Limit and Associated Payment Terms will be provided.  The maximum payment term length  (unless as a previously agreed upon *“Special Case”) will be “Net-15 Days”.  

Other Payment Options

  • Credit Cards We accept all Major Credit Cards as a quick and easy way to prepay for your Broadcast USA  orders. Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express® are accepted at the time of your order. A Service Fee may apply on Credit Card Orders so please consult your Account Executive for more details.

  • Company or Corporate Checks We will accept Corporate or Company checks once confirmation of banking Information is received (for Security purposes)

  • Electronic checks from QuickBooks (E-Checks)(U.S. Bank Accounts Only) We accept Electronic Checks from QuickBooks from US Banks Only.  This is a secure and efficient method for electronically transferring  funds from your checking account to ours. This program will require a copy of a voided check before we can conduct transactions in this fashion

  • Electronic (Bank Wire) Transfers We can also arrange for Electronic or “Bank Wire” Transfers.  We will require some basic Banking Information (ABA Number,  Routing Information, Account Name and Number, etc) in order to establish this method of payment.  The Partner will be responsible for any processing fees that your Bank or Financial Institution requires.  Broadcast USA also incurs fees for incoming wire transactions. 

  • ACH (U.S. Bank Accounts Only) ACH payments are electronic payments that are created when the customer grants  authorization to debit directly from their checking or savings account for the purpose of bill payment. You will be responsible for outgoing ACH charges, as Broadcast USA  also incurs fees for incoming transactions.