Better Products for Live Broadcast Production

At Broadcast USA we service the Live Broadcast Production Industry by supplying hardware and software products that have been tested and proven by our live production partners. These technologies have been evaluated in "mission-critical" environments to ensure that they can perform under pressure. We carry only the best hardware and software solutions and strive to constantly provide the latest product advancements. Our Channel Partners can depend on Broadcast USA to help them offer the most reliable and cost-effective solutions for their customers. Broadcast USA is the exclusive distributor of Production Bot and a number of other leading hardware providers. 

Products & Services

The Products and Services we offer undergo a rigorous testing and evaluation process before they are offered to our Channel Partners. Every technology is evaluated and tested on its own merit and we do not release a product to the market unless we have complete confidence in its ability to perform. Reliability and performance are what separates our products from others in the marketplace.

Channel Partners

The products and services that we offer are done so through a select network of Channel Partners and Systems Integrators. We try to select Channel Partners that go beyond the sale and provide additional services such as product training and ongoing technical support, as well as professional advice. This level of knowledge and dedication is very important as it ensures seamless representation of the Manufacturers that we represent.

Manufacturing Partners

We work with many Manufacturing Partners to provide their solutions to the geographic markets that we serve. We evaluate them based on many factors, the most important being product reliability, price, and overall "go-to-market" strategy. We generally do not work with Manufacturers who have their own sales force that could possibly conflict with the efforts of our Channel Partners.

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